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Below are some of the current studies associated with the Biopsychosocial Development and Diversity Laboratory.

Children's Healthy Athletics for Mental and Physical Success [CHAMPS]Roger Mills-Koonce (PI); Donna Duffy; Nicole Heilbron; Cathi Propper; Laurie Wideman; Michael Willoughby School of Health and Human Sciences
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Youth athletics; emotional development, self-regulation; executive control, coaching; athleticism; skill development
middle childhood; parenting
The New American Family Study (NAFS)Roger Mills-Koonce (PI); Nicole HeilbronNational Institute of Child Health and Human Development
[1K01 HD075833-01]
LGBT parents; same-sex parents; family demography; homophobia, heterosexism; heteronormativity; parenting
Learning, Emotion, and Play in School (LEAPS)Cathi Propper (Co-PI); Jennifer Coffman (Co-PI); Peter Ornstein; Martha Cox`National Institute of Child Health and Human DevelopmentPreschool; Emotion regulation; executive function; autonomic activity; academic achievement; school readiness
Neonatal and Pediatric Sleep (NAPS) StudyCathi Propper (PI); Mona El-Shiekh; Roger Mills-Koonce; Doug TetiNational Institute of Child Health and Human DevelopmentInfancy; Sleep; emotion regulation; cognitive development; parenting; autonomic functioning; African American;
Prenatal Environement and Sleep (PEAS)Cathi Propper (PI)National Institute on Drug AbusePrenatal development; nicotine exposure; infancy; sleep; regulatory development; parenting
The Family Life Project (FLP)Lynne Vernon-Feagans (PI); Mark Greenberg (PI); Martha Cox (PI); Tom O'Connor (PI); Margaret Burchinal; Clancy Blair (PI); MPatricia Garrett-Peters; Douglas Granger; Roger Mills-Koonce; Michael WilloughbyNational Institute of Child Health and Human Development
[1P01HD39667-01A1 & 2 P01HD39667-01A1 & 1R01MH097293-01]
Poverty; ethnicity; rurality; child development; self-regulation; emotion development; psychobiology; cortisol; genetics; academic achievement; immunology; work and employment; parenting
Early Onset Conduct Problems and Callous Unemotionality CollaborativeRoger Mills-Koonce (PI); Michael Willoughby (PI); Nisha Gottfredson; Daniel WaschbuschNational Institute of Child Health and Human Development
Conduct problems, callous unemotional traits; attachment; disorganization; atypical parenting; AMBIANCE