The Biopsychosocial Development & Diversity Laboratory

The Department of Human Development and Family Studies

Below are some of the current studies associated with the Biopsychosocial Development and Diversity Laboratory.

Children's Healthy Athletics for Mental and Physical Success [CHAMPS]Roger Mills-Koonce (PI); Donna Duffy; Nicole Heilbron; Cathi Propper; Laurie Wideman; Michael Willoughby School of Health and Human Sciences
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Youth athletics; emotional development, self-regulation; executive control, coaching; athleticism; skill development
middle childhood; parenting
The New American Family Study (NAFS)Roger Mills-Koonce (PI); Nicole HeilbronNational Institute of Child Health and Human Development
[1K01 HD075833-01]
LGBT parents; same-sex parents; family demography; homophobia, heterosexism; heteronormativity; parenting
Learning, Emotion, and Play in School (LEAPS)Cathi Propper (Co-PI); Jennifer Coffman (Co-PI); Peter Ornstein; Martha Cox`National Institute of Child Health and Human DevelopmentPreschool; Emotion regulation; executive function; autonomic activity; academic achievement; school readiness
Neonatal and Pediatric Sleep (NAPS) StudyCathi Propper (PI); Mona El-Shiekh; Roger Mills-Koonce; Doug TetiNational Institute of Child Health and Human DevelopmentInfancy; Sleep; emotion regulation; cognitive development; parenting; autonomic functioning; African American;
Prenatal Environement and Sleep (PEAS)Cathi Propper (PI)National Institute on Drug AbusePrenatal development; nicotine exposure; infancy; sleep; regulatory development; parenting
The Family Life Project (FLP)Lynne Vernon-Feagans (PI); Mark Greenberg (PI); Martha Cox (PI); Tom O'Connor (PI); Margaret Burchinal; Clancy Blair (PI); MPatricia Garrett-Peters; Douglas Granger; Roger Mills-Koonce; Michael WilloughbyNational Institute of Child Health and Human Development
[1P01HD39667-01A1 & 2 P01HD39667-01A1 & 1R01MH097293-01]
Poverty; ethnicity; rurality; child development; self-regulation; emotion development; psychobiology; cortisol; genetics; academic achievement; immunology; work and employment; parenting
Early Onset Conduct Problems and Callous Unemotionality CollaborativeRoger Mills-Koonce (PI); Michael Willoughby (PI); Nisha Gottfredson; Daniel WaschbuschNational Institute of Child Health and Human Development
Conduct problems, callous unemotional traits; attachment; disorganization; atypical parenting; AMBIANCE